The Bon Voyage Party for TM Hisamatsu, All Japan (Distrct 76) Speech Constest Champion, in Tokyo! August 1st

Please come and join the Bon Voyage party for Chika Hisamatu, 2009 District 76 Champion who is going to compete in the Inter-District speech contest on Tuesday, August 11 at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods in Mashantucket, Connecticut.
When /日時: Saturday, August 1, 2009 / 2009年8月1日(土)
18:00 - 20:00 (Doors Open:17:15/受付開始:17:15)
Where / 会場: Hatoyama Kaikan (See below photo. Otowa, Bunkyo, Tokyo) / 鳩山会館(下記写真。東京都文京区音羽)

Cost / 会費: 4000 yen / 4000円
Contact / お問い合わせ : Kiminari Azuma / 東 公成

2009 The Bon Voyage Party Steering Committee / 2009 壮行会実行委員会

How to get to Hatoyama Kaikan / 鳩山会館への行き方

From Tokyo Metro Stations / 東京地下鉄駅から

8 minute-walk from the exit 1a of the Edogawa-bashi station on the Yurakucho line. (Tokyo Metro) /有楽町線 江戸川橋駅下車(出口1a)徒歩8分
10 minute-walk from the exit 5 of the Gokokuji station on the Yurakucho line. (Tokyo Metro) /有楽町線 護国寺駅下車(出口5)徒歩10分

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Send your message to Chika! / 久松さんに応援メッセージを送りましょう

Please send your message to our Champion Hisamatsu! We will print your message and hand it to her at the party!

Send your message to dearchikafromme@yahoo.co.jp .


dearchikafromme@yahoo.co.jp までお送りください。


Registration (closed) / お申し込み (終了しました)

We are sorry but registration is closed as of July 26.

  1. Please contact chikasupporters@nifmail.jp stating your name and club name for registration. In response, we will send you an e-mail, confirming your registration (first in, first served).
  2. Due to the venue's regulations, we would like to ask that your registration e-mail be delivered to the above address by 12PM, July 20. There are 60 seats available and, when it is filled, anyone applied after that will be placed on the waiting list. They will be added to the attendees' list if there was a cancellation.
  3. Should there be any additional seats available after July 20, we will continue to accept your applications until it is filled.
  4. Please be informed that no-show cancellations will incur a 100% cancellation fee (5,000 Yen). The cancellation requests also need to be sent to the above e-mail address. (chikasupporters@nifmail.jp )
  5. There is no cancellation fee applicable for such requests received before 12PM, July 23.The cancellation requests also need to be sent to the above e-mail address. (chikasupporters@nifmail.jp )
  6. If you wish to cancel after July 23, you will not be charged the cancellation fee as long as there is someone on the waiting list wishing to fill your cancelled seat. If there is no one filling your cancelled seat, we are sorry to inform you that you will be charged for the partial or full amount of cancellation fee.



  1. 専用のメールアドレス chikasupporters@nifmail.jp からお申し込みください。メールには、お名前(①ローマ字と②漢字)とクラブ名をお書きください。折り返し、確認のメールをお送りいたします。
  2. 7月20日24時で締め切りとしますが、それ以前に60名の定員に達した場合はその時点でいったん締め切りとし、キャンセル待ちに入れさせていただきます。空きが出しだい、出席者リストに追加させていただきます。
  3. 7月20日を過ぎても席に余裕がある場合は、募集を続行いたします。
  4. キャンセルについては必ずchikasupporters@nifmail.jpにご連絡をください。連絡の無いキャンセルは、会費を全額(5000円)いただきます。
  5. 7月23日24時以前のキャンセルは、会費をいただくことはありません。ご連絡は必ずこちらのメールアドレスでお願いします。
  6. 7月23日を過ぎてのキャンセルですが、キャンセル待ちの方がいらっしゃった場合はその方に代わっていただきますので会費をいただくことはありません。キャンセル待ちの方がいらっしゃらない場合は、大変申し訳ないのですが、会費の全額あるいは一部のご負担をお願いすることがありますので、ご承知おきください。


FAQ / 良くあるご質問

Why 60 people? / なぜ60名なのでしょうか?

Due to the capacity of the grand ballroom, we decided to accommodate 60 people. Hatoyama Kaikan is not as flexible as restaurants or hotels in terms of having a party like this because it is a public facility for those who strong appreciation of history.

Tell me more about Hatoyama Kaikan. / 鳩山会館についてもう少し教えてください。

Hatoyama Kaikan used to be a private residence of the politically renowned Hatoyama family. Kazuo Hatoyama, the former Speaker of the House of Representatives and President of Waseda University, set up his home inOtowa in 1891.His oldest son, Ichiro Hatoyama who served as the Secretary of the Cabinet, Minister of Education and Prime Minister, built the western-style mansion in 1924. The house played a big role as Ichiro Hatoyama and his fellows formed Liberal Party,present Liberal Democratic Party. The building was renovated in 1996 and is now open to the public as "Hatoyama Kaikan" commemorating the Hatoyama Family's contribution to modern politics and education in Japan.


The Bon Voyage Party Dress Code / 服装について

Be nice! Be neat! Be natty! Please come in "business casual".
No short pants, no T-shirts and no jeans, please.
And most importantly, due to the venue's regulations, attendees with high-heels or any other shoes with metal in the soles are not allowed to enter the 2F reception room."
Bad Example / 良くない例

For Beer/Wine Drinkers / お酒を愛する皆様へ

Sorry, we don't provide any alcoholic beverages in the 2F Reception Room.

For smokers / タバコを愛する皆様へ

Sorry, you are NOT allowed to smoke inside the Hatoyama Kaikan building. Please ask our Sergeant-At-Arms for smoking areas.